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SHE: Airprene Bra, Airprene SheCapris, Airprene EasyCapris, Airprene EasyPanties, Airprene Panties, Airprene SheShorts, Airprene EasyShorts, Airprene Top

HE: Airprene Sleeveless, Airprene Shorts, Airprene Capris, SUP Boardershorts

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Place an order and get a unique SUP KeyChain for free. But only for a short periode of time or until the stock is exhausted.

Our "Warm Feet Boots"

Our story

In the beginning….

there was the sport of Stand Up Paddling. It slowly became the fastest growing sport in the world. And all of a sudden everyone was trying to catch the SUP wave and get the best of it for themselves. This meant that from day to day the world started seeing more and more brands that were getting in the SUP board and accessories business. Everyone was so focused on selling and producing boards and paddles that a void existed for all this time.


The reason for this was that no one thought about what Stand Up Paddlers should wear?!


So this is where our story begins.

StandOut was created so that the Stand Up Paddler can feel that there is a brand that represents them. A brand they can identify with. A brand that designs technical wear that is made to fit the specific movements of a Stand Up Paddler and focuses all the attention on that specific sport.


With our 25 years of experience from manufacturing technical sportswear by our mother company Sandiline we are determined to learn from the athletes and people we work with, grow with the sport and keep making great quality products that make you StandOut.